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 Manufactured Homes
on Crawlspace or Basement

Plan Submittal Requirements
Union County Building Regulations

Before processing a permit for a manufactured home on a crawlspace or basement the following plans must be submitted and approved. Plans must be legible.

Below is a basic list of requirements.  Click here for a CHECKLIST with more details.

A.   A plot plan showing the location on the lot.
B.   A footing, foundation plan showing the size and location of all elements
       including piers and steel beams if used. (Most manufacturers have engineered
       plans available for this). If other than engineered manufacturer plans
       submitted, data must be submitted from the manufacturer showing loads
       imposed and pier or beam placement requirements.
C.   A cross section drawing detailing the construction of the foundation and the  
       reinforcement of the walls if required by code.
D.   Data to show or describe foundation, damproofing, waterproofing, drainage
       and backfill. A sump pump or gravity drain is required. Show proper finish
       grade falling away from foundation.
E.    Drawings from the manufacturer detailing tie down requirements.
F.    Manufacturer floor plans and elevations.
G.   Drawings detailing basement stair and handrail-guardrail requirements or
       crawlspace access. Crawlspace access must have frost protection. Frost
       depth for Union County is 34 inches.
H.   If a crawlspace data to show ventilation.
I.     Data showing exterior stairs, handrails and or guardrails to be installed.
J.    Separate drawings as required by code for additions, alterations, garages, etc.
K.   Separate insulation data for basement or crawl if required by MEC.

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