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The Union County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), operated by Union County Department of Job and Family Services, is a part of Ohio's state-supervised program. At the federal level, the program is established under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Ohio's child support program works to assure children in Ohio receive the financial support nonresidential parents are legally obligated to provide.

Eligibility for Services

Individuals who have a child or spousal support order through the Union County Courts, as well as any resident of Union County who applies for assistance in the establishment of paternity or child support is eligible to receive services through Union County CSEA.

Services Available

Location of Absent Parents- In order to establish paternity or child support or to enforce child support orders, the CSEA uses information from the application, as well as accessing all available location sources.

Paternity Establishment- The CSEA will establish legal responsibility for a child born out of wedlock by using an administrative process with no court hearing necessary. DNA testing will be necessary as a part of the process.  If the Administrative process fails, the Agency will file an action in Juvenile Court.

Establishment of Child Support and Medical Orders- The CSEA will assist in establishing an order for support for children whose parent is absent from the home, through either an administrative or judicial process, whichever is most appropriate. The Child Support Guidelines of Ohio will be used to determine the amount of child support to be paid by the non-residential parent (obligor).  Medical insurance coverage will be addressed as well as child support.

Administrative Review and Adjustment- Upon the request of either parent, the CSEA will determine if the case meets the criteria for a review and adjustment of the support order. If a review is warranted, the CSEA will gather all necessary information and follow state laws and procedures to determine any adjustments to the child support or medical order is warranted.

Enforcement of a Court Order- Many methods are used to enforce an order for support issued by the court. Examples include wage withholding, seek work, tax intercept, contempt citations, and criminal non-support actions, suspension of driver’s licenses, and seizure of bank accounts.

Collection and Disbursement of Child and Spousal Support- The State, through child support central, distributes all support collections within two business days of receipt and maintains records of all monies paid on child support and spousal support cases.  All payments must have the obligor’s name n case number and should be mailed to Ohio CSPC, P.O. Box 182372, Columbus, Ohio, 43218-2372.

Services CSEA CANNOT Provide

Negotiate or Mediate Visitation Rights or Disputes- A referral to a Mediator can be made upon request.

Determine Custody of Children

Collect or Enforce Property Settlements

Collect on medical bills


SETS stands for Support Enforcement Tracking System which is Ohio's state-wide computer system for the management of child support programs. SETS creates a uniform system that follows state child support statutes and supports CSEA in the collection, allocation, and disbursement of support payments.

SETS allows access to your case information 24 hours a day through a Voice Response Unit (VRU). By entering; your social security number, the system will provide updated information on payments made and balances due. Access the VRU by calling 1-800-860-2555.





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