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When a child is removed from his family and home, the uncertainty of where he will go, who he will stay with, where he will sleep, is uppermost on his mind.  Many Union county children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, or who have problems their parents find too difficult to handle, need a temporary family-like setting.

Union County Department of Job and Family Services removes children from their homes only when there are no other options.  When removal must occur, it is essential to place children in the least restrictive, most appropriate setting possible.  As a small county, we are fortunate to have a continuum of placement services available.

    RELATIVE PLACEMENT:  Friends, neighbors, teachers or other families that the child has a current relationship with, may be an appropriate placement.  The goal is to have the child with someone they are familiar with and to keep them in their neighbor and current school district.

    RESPITE CARE PLACEMENT:  Often, families may just need a break from each other as stress and daily living can be overwhelming.  Respite care is short term placement that allows for a "cooling off" period or to renew one's energy.  It may be a one time placement for thirty days or less, or a regularly scheduled event such as one weekend a month.

    TRADITIONAL FOSTER CARE PLACEMENT:  Abused, neglected and dependent children may need the safety and structure of a traditional foster home.  Licensed, skilled providers work in cooperation with the agency and the child's family to provide a safe, caring, healthy, and structured environment while children need to be away from their families.

    TREATMENT FOSTER CARE PLACEMENT:  Some children need treatment-oriented service when they are placed outside their home.  Severe emotional and behavior problems may require more intense, focused interventions.  Treatment foster homes are a primary force supporting healthy, lasting changes in the child.

    GROUP HOME/RESIDENTIAL PLACEMENT:  When a child cannot function in a family setting, the Union County Department of Human Services works with private group home and residential treatment providers to help the child learn new coping skills and to decrease problem behaviors.

    ADOPTION:  When a child cannot return home to a safe and healthy environment and the parent's rights have been terminated, the agency will work to place that child in an adoptive home.

Becoming a foster parent, a treatment foster parent and/or an adoptive parent is a noble and rewarding experience.  A home study that includes a safety, fire and background check is required.  Licensed foster and approved adoptive families receive substantial training prior to licensing/approval and afterwards.  A monthly payment is made to the foster home based on the number of children in care, the level of care, and the number of days each child is placed in the foster home.  Good support from agency staff and other foster care providers is a real benefit.

If you have ever desired to help make a meaningful and lasting contribution in the life of a boy or girl, you can help by becoming a foster parent, treatment foster parent or adoptive parent.  Call us today, 937-644-1010 or 1-800-248-2347.

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