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The Children Protective Services Unit is a department of the Union County Department of Job and Family Services.  Children Protective Services  is responsible for receiving and responding to child abuse and neglect calls from the community.  While Union County Department of Job and Family Services must act with diligence in the collection and verification of information in order to make abuse and neglect determinations, we must do so while balancing the protection of the child with intrusion into the family's life.

If necessary, the agency works with families to develop a case plan that identifies services necessary to prevent future abuse or neglect. In most cases, the child remains at home.  Home-Based Services from within the agency may be utilized, or referrals to counseling, parenting education, budgeting and/or homemaking services.

If the agency finds a child cannot remain safe in the home, we work with the local court system to remove the child from the abuse or neglect situation.

The Union County Department of Job and Family Services utilizes the Ohio Family Risk Assessment Model for measuring risk of abuse and neglect as well as identifying family strengths.  The FRAM is used throughout the life of the case to build on family strengths and help determine when risk is reduced.

Out-of-home placement services become necessary when a child must be removed from the home.  The Children Services worker must identify the least restrictive care setting, including relatives and friends.  When these settings are not available, the agency will consider a family foster home or a family treatment foster home.  A group home or residential treatment center is chosen if no other appropriate place is available.  If it is determined that a child can never return home to their parents and the parent's rights have been terminated, the Children Protective Services unit will work to arrange for an appropriate adoption.

Children Protective Services Independent Living program provides training to youth 16 and older who are in substitute care, but preparing for transition to independent living.  Independent living activities include life-skills development training, budget and employment counseling, individual and group counseling, and transportation.

Referrals or requests for information may be made during business hours (7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) by telephone (937-644-1010 or 1-800-248-2347), by mail, or in person at the Union County Department of Job and Family Services, 940 London Ave., Suite 1800, Marysville, Ohio.   After hours, Children's Protective Services may be accessed for emergencies, by telephone or in person at any county law enforcement office (Union County Sheriff; Marysville Police Department; Richwood Police Department; Plain City Police Department; and the State Highway Patrol) or a medical emergency facility. 

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